Friday, February 22, 2013


I took photos of every page of the scrapbook I sent home with Peanut Butter, and here they are:


Map of the relevant part of Hampton Roads

Beach page

A small fraction of the books we read

Our backyard, on the bay

Page one of the library

Page two of the library

Hurricane Sandy


Miscellaneous page: moving, seeing The Hobbit and Rise of the Guardians,
making beer at home, and playing tennis at the park

Guy Fawkes Day
(Slightly out of order but I can't fix it for some reason...)
Stopping at CNU on the way home from Williamsburg

Election Day


Mt. Trashmore

Christmas crafting

The Lynnhaven House

Hannukah page one

Hannukah page two

Christmas decorations page one

Christmas decorations page two

Snow page one

Snow page two

New Year's Eve fondue party

EMT awards banquet in January

Aquarium page one

Aquarium page two

Beach Photos

We went down to the oceanfront (on a very cold day) and I got some photos:

The EMT station where Fiance volunteers, a few blocks from the water

What a mess... every winter, they have to pump sand (I think it's
from the ocean floor) to build up the beach again before tourist season.


Mess on the beach

Pier in the distance

Better photo of the pier in the distance

Aquarium Photos

These are the other photos from the Aquarium:

Sleepy komodo dragon


This shark has some Peanut Butter stuck in its teeth...

My favorite thing in the whole world: ray petting tank!!!

Peanut Butter befriends an urchin

That beige-y thing is a horseshoe crab!

A collection of teeth at the megalodon exhibit

A nautilus! A real, live nautilus! (I had never seen one in person before.)

Peanut Butter poses with a megalodon tooth found in his home state

The blob in the background is a sea turtle. Their viewing area
is really dark, so it's nearly impossible to get a good photo with them.

Loggerhead turtle exhibit


Blurry lobster photo

The Virginia Aquarium has a great program for rescuing, rehabilitating,
and reintroducing baby sea turtles to the wild. You can even "donate" one
(I believe it's $500) and name it, and be there when they release it.

Snow Photos

These are just a few extra photos from the snow:

I made Peanut Butter a wee little poncho (that was not terribly effective).

Making a snow angel!!!


Peanut-Butter-sized snowman

Snow on the woodpile

Fiance tried to fashion a Peanut-Butter-sized snowball

We got a little covered, getting to the car after the library closed early for snow!