Friday, February 22, 2013

Aquarium Photos

These are the other photos from the Aquarium:

Sleepy komodo dragon


This shark has some Peanut Butter stuck in its teeth...

My favorite thing in the whole world: ray petting tank!!!

Peanut Butter befriends an urchin

That beige-y thing is a horseshoe crab!

A collection of teeth at the megalodon exhibit

A nautilus! A real, live nautilus! (I had never seen one in person before.)

Peanut Butter poses with a megalodon tooth found in his home state

The blob in the background is a sea turtle. Their viewing area
is really dark, so it's nearly impossible to get a good photo with them.

Loggerhead turtle exhibit


Blurry lobster photo

The Virginia Aquarium has a great program for rescuing, rehabilitating,
and reintroducing baby sea turtles to the wild. You can even "donate" one
(I believe it's $500) and name it, and be there when they release it.

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