Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Elephant

We voted! Peanut Butter did go with me to vote, but I didn't want to take photos at the polling place in case it made some people uncomfortable. (I worry about things like this.) But afterward, I got my cherished sticker. (I've been very proud to wear my "I Voted" stickers ever since I was in first grade and got my "Kids Vote" sticker!)

The sticker was almost as tall as Peanut Butter himself! I'll be working until 7pm, which is when polls close here, so I'm thinking the results will be in before we get home, which is okay.

We had only a couple referendums so voting went fairly quickly, even though the line was crazy-long. It wasn't anything like the early voting lines that were five and six hours long, thank goodness.

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