Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's 2013!

New calendar!

We had our traditional New Year's Eve fondue party with fourteen people!

It's not on yet, so Peanut Butter is inspecting the fondue pot

Sarah* (left) and Cassy** pose with their new friend
*Sarah will be the officiant at Fiance's and my wedding!
**Shameless plug: Cassy is my partner in blogging; we post five times a week at Review Me Twice!

I attempted to demonstrate the hectic mess that is our
dinner table during a fourteen-person fondue dinner

The dippers for the chocolate round
(from left to right, bananas, angel food cake, and strawberries)

Jell-O shots!
 The champagne you saw in the last post was accidentally forgotten at our apartment (the part was at Fiance's parents' house because it can actually accommodate everyone) so we will save that for another event.

We hope everybody has a safe, fun, and happy new year!

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