Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Decorating!!!

Finally, I get to do my Christmas decorating! I think this is the latest I've ever gotten it done (with ten days to go!) I'll be leaving it up through New Year's, though, so my friends can see it.

This was my grandma's. She had a HUGE collection of these little houses,
and it was divvied up when she passed. I, of course, got the library.

This one was bought especially for me. I don't plan on having a collection,
but I like having a library and a book shop.

Peanut Butter took a break in Gimli's stocking.
(Yes, our cat has a stocking.)
I made it for him last year, along with mine & Birk's (mine is on the right.)

Tangled in the lights!

Tangled in the garland!

Sitting atop the little tree

I thought we had brought the big tree over already, but it was only the little one. I plan on picking up the big tree tonight (it's not that big... probably 6' tall?) and decorating it, and trying to build my book tree (which might not get done until Birk brings more boxes of books to the apartment).

Bonus photo: I hung a poster in our to-be-Aperture-Labs-themed bathroom, too:

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