Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Presents

Now that everybody has opened their presents, I can show you what Peanut Butter and I were working on!

I bought three salt bowls for my stepdad.
Not pictured: I engraved circular plastic pieces to label each type of salt
and also serve as covers (to keep out dust, moisture, etc).

Two of the salts my stepdad got. On the left is Belize salt (using spices
Fiance's mom picked up in Belize) and the right is potato salt
(a recipe from a friend who uses it on roasted potatoes).

Sriracha salt! Recipe is from here.
This was the third salt for my stepdad, but mostly
it was for my uncle, who loves spicy things.

The jar of sriracha salt for my uncle.
Peanut Butter tasted it and said it's great!
(I don't much care for sriracha, so I had to trust him.)
We did a great deal more crafting, but I kept forgetting to stop and take photos. I did take some while we were wrapping, though:

This is the flavored salts, salt bowls, and covers/labels for my stepdad.

And this is what happens when I don't keep an eye on the ribbon!

Merry belated Christmas to everybody!

(PS - I know I took a photo of PB and his own present, but I can't find it, so I'll have to take new ones... forthcoming!)

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