Monday, December 24, 2012


Yes, I know Hanukkah ended earlier this month. But we aren't exactly practicing Jews. Or any kind, for that matter. Fiance's dad's mom was Jewish, so we have Hanukkah dinner. It's the best meal of the entire year (okay, it's tied with our New Year's fondue) so we don't really care how accurate we are, as long as we get our brisket and latkes.

Peanut Butter helps Fiance mix the latkes (without getting messy!)

Brisket! And vegetables! (And prunes.)

Prosecco, yum. (The thing on the right is a hand-blown oil and vinegar
bottle Fiance's mom picked up in Germany.)

Homemade challah!!!

Leftover latke for breakfast this morning, YUM.
More photos coming up soon, because tonight (Christmas Eve) is our celebration with my family, and tomorrow morning, I have stockings at my dad's house, lunch with Fiance's family, and presents with Fiance (and the kitten, who has his own stocking).

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