Sunday, December 2, 2012


No, Peanut Butter isn't packing up to move back home yet... We are packing to move into a new apartment! We should be getting the keys on Saturday (though I work all morning and we're going to Fairfax in the afternoon) so this week is packing like crazy!

Peanut Butter is trying to help, but he's a bit wee for most of the stuff we have to pack.

We went out to buy more bins yesterday
(two are designated for crafting supplies!)

Fiance packed dishes while I was at work one day

I spy with my little eye... Peanut Butter! (And Halloween decorations,
and the box to the TV, and a shoe box of crafting stuff,
and plastic boxes of rubber stamps, and a mess on the floor...)

Moving is HARD WORK. And we aren't even doing any heavy lifting yet.

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