Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Observe

I completely skipped the real first step, which is obviously to buy all the bottled water in Target, if our trip the other night was any indication. Also, batteries and non-perishable foods and all sorts of other things. So we'll call that Step Zero and move on.

Step two, after you went shopping and read (or got a NOAA radio or some other way to stay informed) is to observe. This way, you can tell if winds are getting stronger, if flood waters are getting higher, etc.

So of course, we took a walk in the backyard. First stop: the dock, which is underwater.

As you can see, Fiance and his dad properly secured the boat to prevent damage. Our neighbors, however, didn't have a chance (I believe they're out of town). Fiance and his dad took a spare rope over to try to secure it better, but it was still doing this:

(That's the first video I've ever uploaded to Blogger! Exciting. Too bad it turns out you can't actually see the boat tossing on the waves.)

We are still waiting to hear if our school will close today, but my money says no. (The powers that be tend to forget that the library is open on Sundays, because it's only from 1-5pm and there are no classes on Sundays.)

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