Sunday, October 14, 2012

Libraries, Old & New (Plus Gas Prices)

Today I got to work early enough to take a photo of Peanut Butter on my desk (which is woefully undecorated, even though I've had it for weeks).

On the way out this evening, we stopped at the construction site. Our school is building a new library. It's an interesting thing: the first floor will be a city public library, and the second floor is us (the community college library). It should be finished next spring, so Peanut Butter probably won't get to see the inside before he goes back home. But here he is with the outside:

On a fairly less interesting note, we stopped and got some gas, and I got the idea to take a photo of PB with the price at the pump, since it varies so widely across the country. (I felt a little clever for that idea.)

So it's $3.49 for now. (That's one of the lowest I could find on my regular route through the city. But they're all pretty close.)

We also went out with some friends but I forgot to take pictures all night (booo).

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