Monday, October 15, 2012

Real Southern Barbecue for Lunch!

Today, Peanut Butter got to go to my non-library job, which is my family's sign company. He got an up-close look at some of the equipment:

Do you see him? Don't worry, the machine wasn't running, so he didn't get chopped up! That's a blade just to the left of him. This machine is for cutting shapes out of vinyl.

As a very unexpected and pleasant surprise, Peanut Butter got to sample some local flavor for lunch! My grandfather - a true southern barbecue aficionado - brought back some of his favorite barbecue from North Carolina over the weekend, and gave it to me, my dad, and my stepmom to have for lunch!

That's how it's done... On a bun, with cole slaw and a little Texas Pete, with chips. Incredible yum.

I leave the shop in the afternoon and head to Portsmouth for my other library job. I usually get there early (I have to give myself plenty of time in case there's traffic in the tunnel, but there usually isn't) so I sit in the car and read. My friend Cassy and I are reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks for our review blog, so we sat and read that for about fifteen minutes before we had to go inside:

Notice how sunny it is? It was POURING rain by the time we left the library (in the dark, at 7pm). So it was slow going on the interstate to get home, but Fiance had dinner waiting for us! (I thought maybe I was taking too many food photos, so I didn't document it.) Now we're going to curl up and read some more before bed!

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