Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Play in the Rain

Now, Hurricane Sandy is doing her thing, and for us, that just means some steady rain. It isn't even windy right now. This, of course, means that Fiance and I had to go outside and play!

It's in the 50s so it was pretty chilly, and obviously wet. The dock is underwater still, but Fiance wanted to walk out onto it in his waterproof pants. I asked him to take Peanut Butter out with him:

Peanut Butter is teeny tiny because he's so far away, but you can still make him out. (I told Fiance he couldn't walk any further out or I wouldn't be able to see PB!)

By the way, this is taken from almost exactly the same spot as the photo from the last post. The poles that line the dock are almost entirely underwater now, 24 hours later!

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