Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tennis and Pumpkins!

Fiance and I went out for an hour of hitting a tennis ball around today! I'm not quite good enough to manage a real game yet, but it was lots of fun, great exercise, and I got some sun and fresh air! Peanut Butter, of course, came along.

He didn't stay there while we played... I didn't want him to get hit!

Taking a water break and catching our breath!
After that, we went to Panera for some lunch, but first, we had to stop at Stony's and look at pumpkins! Stony's is a little farm and market right across the street from the hospital and among all these medical offices. It looks so ridiculously out of place, but it's right there near our house, so I'm not complaining! They have some pretty good produce, and they have TONS of pumpkins!!! We looked at all kinds:

Cute little round orange ones (my favorite)...

...funny flattish white ones...

...little Peanut Butter sized ones!

Plus they have bales of straw!
So that was our fun for the day! We didn't buy any pumpkins (we determined that we need to decide where to put one before we can choose one to bring home) so we'll probably be going back again!

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